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What On Earth Possessed Me?

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Yes. This is me with purple hair. We were in the throes of the worst part of the global pandemic and I made a couple of rash decisions. One created the need for intensive moisturizing treatments, the other allowed me to stretch my imagination to some pretty amazing heights. I wrote a novel called, "Mac".

I had no plan. No outline that I was following religiously. I would just sit down at my laptop and let it rip. And let me tell you...the words came out in a hurry and the characters developed as if they had been my best friends and worst enemies for years.

What triggered this outpouring of imagination? Well, to be perfectly honest, I was angry at the state of the world and how divided we have all become. But anyone who knows me would tell you that with my anger comes a great deal of humour. So, when I would see someone being particularly ignorant online, I would imagine something funny happening to them as a result. Insta-Karma. Then I started to replay every negative experience I have ever had with people and did the same thing. Not only was this healing and gave me a germ of an idea.

Vigilantes, powerful women, family, good vs. evil and throw some romance in. It sounded like a good time to me. So I hit the keyboard and a few months later I had 75% of a novel done. Then the world went mad again with politics rearing its ugly head. I walked away from these characters for a few months and did some reading and watched some movies instead. When I re-visited them in July, I was so happy to see these characters again, that I finished the book in a few weeks with plans for a sequel in the works. Yes, it needed some editing and tweaking, but the bare bones of it were there and it was ready to take people on a ride - to escape the everyday.

I am predicting that you will really like some of these characters...and probably despise some, too. My goal was never to write a masterpiece. Can you imagine living your life trying to be perfect and create perfection at all times? That sounds like a nightmare.

Just looking into ISBN codes and the final formatting, and Mac will be hitting the world. I am hoping you chuckle a bit, raise your eyebrows once or twice and just let yourself go for a few hours. Let yourself be entertained. Put your criticism and harsh words aside for a moment or two. Stop constantly looking for a fight. The loudest voice isn't always the right voice. When you get right down to it, as the saying goes, we need to listen to understand, not just listen to reply.

And get what you give, so always choose kind. Because you never know if a rogue vigilante task force is taking note and getting ready to retaliate.


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