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A Debut Novel by Sheila Young

M a c


Working for a vigilante task force often requires Mac Riley to do the unthinkable.  It's not everyday you stab the Vice President of the United States - then fall in love with him.

A global network of dark forces challenges these renegades at every turn, yet they are ready to do what is necessary to tip the scales towards justice.

When her family becomes the target, Mac and her colleagues are put to the ultimate test.  And Mac will do anything to keep her loved ones safe...but will it be enough?

Join this ragtag team as they travel across the globe, using unconventional methods to right some wrongs.  Karma is calling and Vigilante Division Investigations is answering the call.  It is time for some people to get what they give...

The First Reviews Are In...

The vigilantes of V.D.I. lead readers on a fast-paced international adventure in their quest to thwart evil.  Mac, the fearless protagonist, will have you laughing at some of her antics and, at other times, have you biting your nails as she takes great risks to achieve her goals.  Her love for her quirky family is a driving force in her life. The Rileys are heartwarming and unique characters who left me wanting to learn more about them.  Fingers crossed for a sequel!

Romance, international intrigue, family drama, humour...this novel has it all.  I highly recommend "Mac".  A must read!

Marie Cotter 

Mississauga, Ontario

I really enjoyed this book!  Love the characters - it is so easy to relate to them.  I usually like to read J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) but I will definitely be on the lookout for more from Sheila Young.

The world can rest just a bit easier knowing that "Mac" and associates are on the case.  This novel takes the reader around the world as this courageous, evil-busting team take on both international villains and nasty neighbours.  Debut author Sheila Young has created gutsy characters and an intriguing storyline with daring encounters with villains along with fun family times.  If we are lucky, Sheila will gift us with a series.  I highly recommend this first time novel.

Chris Nelson

North Bay, Ontario

Maureen Barry

Burlington, Ontario

First Reviews



Sheila Young is excited to be sharing her debut novel, Mac.  She has worked in many fields, from advertising, to travel, hospitality, the entertainment industry and everything in between.  These experiences have given her a front row seat as a student of human nature.  As a child, she would read a Trixie Belden book, then sneak one of her mother's romances into the mix.  So, gravitating towards writing a suspenseful romance is a natural progression.  Nothing has prepared her more to write about love and the bonds of family than growing up as the youngest of seven and having three kids of her own with her husband of over twenty years. When she's not writing or reading, she enjoys traveling to Caribbean beaches, singing love songs to her dog, swimming under the stars, then hunkering down with a cup of tea, chocolate and a good sci-fi flick.


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